May 20, 2019

Best video sharing websites as alternatives to Youtube

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The charm of video content has always lured Indians. Whether it was the nation collectively pausing life to watch Mahabharat on TV every Sunday morning or clocking in 67 minutes watching videos on handheld devices today.

The rise in its popularity has made videos the strongest ammo in every marketing strategy mix. And this upward growth curve has been attributed to multiple peripheral reasons, such as the rise in the number of smartphone users. In 2018 alone, 340 million Indians owned a smartphone, and since 56% of people prefer downloading videos on their smartphone, it led to a higher generation of video content.

Remember when we’d skip browsing video sharing websites or frantically hit the ‘close’ button if a random video popped up? The heavy format does make videos a massive data guzzler, but the availability of cheap internet plans has done away with the fear of data drainage.

Video trumps other content formats

Recent times saw the global content consumption habit shifting drastically in favor of video content, making it not just pivotal, but central, to an effective overall content marketing strategy.

Reading long-form posts could be daunting for a part of your audience, while adapting to the podcast lifestyle may seem like a chore. Since videos comprise other mediums – audio and text – it is a more holistic and engaging choice. Plus, non-verbal communication is crucial while conveying a message. The visual cues in videos pack in better contextual communication when compared to other forms.

Best video sharing websites

Video-hosting sites have transcended beyond just a platform for seeking entertainment. Today, your audience will quickly hop to one of these sites to gather information, do a product search, connect with other marketers, and even create and promote their own personal brand.

Here are six fantastic video sharing websites that marketers can leverage for maximum exposure.


While YouTube remains the default choice given its authority stance, it’s also marred by extreme content clutter. This could lead to your video getting lost in the crowd. The high traffic, its ability to be easily embedded across other social media platforms, and the ease of use still work in its favor.


Often touted as an artists’ paradise, Vimeo videos attract more creative users than your ordinary Jack. The site sees a substantial 9 million visitors per month and is a fantastic place to get excellent visibility.


Promising higher quality and better playback, Dailymotion is soon inching its way up in popularity with 8 million visitors per month. You can upload videos that are up to 100 minutes long, allowing you to reach an eclectic mix of audience.


The relatively new video sharing website carries a lot of potential with its broadcast video feature replete with Live Chat option. The ‘co-host’ feature allows video creators to join the broadcast and conduct live interviews with multiple parties on the same screen. It is highly recommended for individuals and companies that market heavily through information sharing and knowledge sessions.

Facebook and Instagram

While these are not strictly “video sharing websites”, Facebook videos receive a whopping 8 billion views a day and 38% more engagement than traditional content. This makes it an important inclusion on the list. These are perfect for pushing out bite-sized content that your users can consume while scrolling through their feed.

Last Words

Marketers who are still not heavily leveraging videos to promote their brand are missing out on a massive opportunity. Given its popularity and the ease of creating and distributing videos through the above-mentioned video sharing websites pretty much makes videos the king of content marketing today.