May 23, 2017

Casual fans to passionate followers: Powerful brand publishing

With Scatter brands can convert a fan to a follower

It is very difficult to acquire a fan, even more difficult to convert that fan into a follower; but it is most difficult to keep a follower interested in your brand over a long period of time. Where most traditional marketing mediums have faltered, content marketing emerges triumphant. Using the right brand publishing tactics, it is easier to achieve audience retention for your brand over long periods of time.

The power of people

As a brand, your biggest strength is your loyalists, the people who support and endorse you. They stand by you and swear by you. They are the ones who encourage and empower you. It is therefore essential to keep strengthening the bond between your patrons and your brand while at the same time acquiring and retaining new ones along the way.

You think this is easier said than done? We simplify things for you.

Converting a casual fan to a passionate follower

It’s not easy to transform casual fans, who might get cynical too at times, into passionate and die-hard followers. But it’s not impossible too.

We give you tips on how to navigate this delicate terrain.

  1. Talk:  Talk to your fans and make them feel special. You can effectively use social media for such purposes. But remember not to talk only about yourself. When talking/ engaging always think of how what you are saying will help your fan.
  2. Listen:  Encourage your patrons to give you honest feedback and if you deem it appropriate, act on it. Believe us, nothing will do as much good to your relationship as a genuine interaction will.
  3. Empower:  Never take your audience for granted. Always appreciate their fondness and loyalty for you. A good question to ask yourself here is, “Am I making my follower look good?” Think of it this way: If you are a tech brand, will your follower get to know the latest that is happening in the world of tech by following you? Are you giving him two more things to talk about in his/ her social circle.
  4. Reward:  Once in a while, it’s good to reward your patrons. A little contest will only do you good and end up gratifying your fans. And who doesn’t like surprise gifts?
  5. Befriend:  There will come a stage when your fans will no longer be fans. You must learn to befriend them and add another dimension to your relationship. You can do this by humanizing your brand and not being robotic in your interactions. A good way of doing this is by sharing third party content your audience might like.
  6. Believe:  Have faith in those supporting you and never lose sight of your objectives. There will always be naysayers. It’s up to you to soldier on.
  7. Understand:  Thanks to technology, there are various tools available these days that help you in understanding your audiences better. Doing this will ensure that your communication is not lost out on them.

There is no particular order in which you must follow the above steps. As your brand keeps growing, you must make sure that all of the above co-exist. Besides, engaging with patrons is an iterative process. In keeping with how they react, you too must evolve and innovate.

The ‘Spiral-ling’ staircase to success

At Spiral, our objective is to ensure that you never have any awful conversation with your audience. From letting you create an effective editorial calendar to suggesting right topics for conversation, our product Scatter does it all. We ensure that you stay connected to your patrons and engage with them at every stage.

As a content marketing platform, Scatter puts the user at the center of your brand’s content strategy and makes sure that you start with just a fan but end up with a loyal follower.