September 9, 2019

Wish to pursue a career in content marketing? Read this first

Wish to start a career in content marketing - Read this first

Back in 1996, Bill Gates, in one of his essays, illustrated the internet’s future as a forum for content when he stated ‘Content is King.’ More than two decades later, his observation continues to be widely quoted in the digital marketing industry.

Currently, engagement-driven and quality content is the focal point of all marketing strategies on the internet. No wonder there’s tremendous scope for a career in content marketing.

Encouraging data

Online businesses have seen a sizeable rise over the past decade. Be it a social media platform, an informational website, or an e-commerce store, the need for top-notch content has been increasing year-on-year. With this, the demand for qualified writers has been on an upswing.

More than three-fourths of business organizations plan to invest more in content marketing, according to a survey by Curata and LinkedIn. Similarly, a report by Conductor in 2017 disclosed that there’s an 87% shift in focus by marketing executives to content marketing strategies.

This data is proof enough that content marketing is a vibrant, fast-growing industry – with the accompanying demand for more talent.

What it takes to succeed

Of the many skills required to succeed in the content marketing industry, great writing ability ranks the highest. This, backed with the skill to conduct effective research to create better content that’s bolstered by data, produces a winning combination.

Other key skills include:

  • Grasp of social media and social media optimization
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Design and creative skills
  • Content management and project management skills

How to go about it

Content marketing presents an exciting role that enables you to exercise your creative flair, enjoy a variety of responsibilities, communicate with a variety of audiences, and meet their requirements.

Here are some ways to kickstart your content marketing career:

1. Blogging

To explore the world of content, start by writing and building your own blog. You can stick to your preferred niche or explore different niches. Your blog will serve multiple purposes. It can help you build an online presence as well as brand yourself and market your writing skills. Show off your writing skills, impress your audience, and establish trust. You can use platforms like WordPress to create your blog in minutes. To share your work with tens of thousands of people on the internet, just link your blog to your social media.

Tip: Ensure that the content you write is fresh, creative, effective, professional, and original.

2. Freelance opportunities 

While working from the comfort of your home, you can also build your portfolio and get your work published through freelance jobs. There’s a plethora of online platforms offering many opportunities. Explore the available options and pick one that’s best suited for you. While freelancing, what matters are the experience, training, and the connections you acquire or build along the way. Once you’ve built a portfolio that’s worth showcasing, leverage the connections you’ve made and find more freelancing jobs – or opt to be hired full-time.

Tip: While freelancing, the key is patience; with time, something good will come your way. But be prepared to face rejections.

3. Internship 

This is a good option for freshers; one can apply to companies that are looking out for recent graduates for a multitude of assignments. Although the pay might be low or non-existent, the experience is what counts. You will be working under seasoned professionals who will impart a wealth of knowledge, critique your work, and contribute to improving the quality of your output. What’s more, you get to network with editors, writers, and potential clients.

4. Guest blogs

This is an excellent way to build connections, market your content, and gain exposure. Several websites encourage writers to be guest contributors and provide articles and blog entries. In return, you will get a byline in your content, which also mentions your social media profile. This way you can build your portfolio.

5. Certificate courses 

It’s always a good thing to strengthen your skills and have the backing of a course, whether free or paid. It’s an easy way to boost your skillset. A certification enhances the credibility of your portfolio and gives you an edge when you apply for a job.

With the digital economy growing rapidly, all you need are a few things before you start your career in content marketing. You don’t really need luck; you’ll make it with hard work and dedication. The content marketing industry can be rewarding as well as lucrative. Go jumpstart a career you’ll love!

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