September 19, 2019

How to get the perfect CV to land up a job in content marketing

Career in Content Marketing - CV Creation

If you’re trying to land a job at a content marketing organization, you probably don’t have to be told how important it is to stand out. But despite knowing how to market products, even experts can falter at selling themselves. Research states that an average recruiter decides in only seven seconds of looking at a CV whether a candidate is a right fit or not. Whether you’re a newbie in the industry or an expert professional looking for a change, here are some tips that are sure to get your CV noticed:

Build a foundation

Each one of us has a blend of unique skills, talents, and characteristics that need to be unfurled. The first step to creating a stellar CV is by starting strong. Carefully highlight your unique values to grab the attention of a recruiter. Who are you and why are you the right fit for the job? In-depth knowledge of your profile will make you seem more valuable to the organization.

Try to align your skillset to the job and the organization, and create the right impression with an impressive CV.

Keep it clean and crisp 

As a content marketer, you will know you can never begin a campaign without determining who the TG is. Apply a similar concept to your CV. If you have a broad idea of the organization you are applying to, you can sharpen the message better.

Keep your CV clean by using relevant terms from the industry. Using crisp and clean language will leverage your chances for the position applied. For instance, when applying as a project manager at a content marketing organization, include relevant roles for that extra edge.

Talk about your experience 

Even when hiring freshers, organizations prefer candidates with relevant experience in the field. Bring your skills to the forefront by highlighting them as your forte. Mentioning past jobs, projects handled, and crises managed will add to your credibility as an applicant.

The key to talking about past experiences is to show personal development. It emphasizes on your growth in the industry and a commitment to use those experiences at your new workplace.

Always stay relevant 

The one mistake most applicants make is being irrelevant in their CV. For a job in a content marketing organization, it is important to possess the skill set required in the industry. Showing the recruiter that you are on top of industry trends will bring attention to your CV.

Similarly, if the opening requires a certain qualification, chances are they will stick to the desired criteria. So, if you do possess the knowledge, make sure to show them you have industry insight.

Pay attention to detail

We cannot emphasize this point enough. Always proofread your CV before submitting it. Using powerful words to accentuate your accomplishments will be rendered useless if you make spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Attention to detail matters, especially in the content marketing industry. So make sure to read and reread your CV for typos.

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