September 8, 2020

Introducing the TikTok challenger: Instagram Reels

Instareels : How brands can leverage the platform - Instagram Content Marketing

In early August, Instagram introduced a brand-new feature called Instagram Reels, which makes for fun and interactive Instagram stories and relevant video content. It’s an innovative way to create and discover short entertaining videos on Instagram for individuals, creators, and businesses.

Loosely based on the format of TikTok and Snapchat, Reels are short 15-second videos that users can record and upload. Be it educational content, music, any form of entertainment, or just expressing yourself through a channel, Reels allows you to do just that in many creative ways.

Recorded Reels can be displayed by clicking a small Reels icon on the user’s profile. Users can, however, look at other Reels by visiting the Explore page that not only shows the Reels of the account a user follows but also fun Reels from trending and popular accounts.

Why Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels can be a real game-changer for social media marketing, content creators, and home-based businesses. Having everything on a single app would make things easier for users to create more focus-based content. Since Instagram has already garnered popularity over the years, incorporating a new tool makes it even easier for users to gain more followers than using multiple apps.

Users can utilize exciting filters and effects from Instagram’s already existing features to jazz up their Reels. They can record short edutainment and information DIY videos to exhibit their creativity. These videos can give an insight into their businesses or hobbies. For instance, someone with a home clothing business can show behind-the-scenes of how the product is made, what goes into carefully crafting the product, the process, etc. This gives consumers an idea of what goes into making of the product and its authenticity.

How can brands use the platform to create cool content?

Reels helps you with features to talk about your brands and etch a deeper connect with the audience or consumers. Editing tools and different stickers can help users introduce newer products and events, thereby gaining more followers. These short videos can also be a teaser for longer IGTV videos, making Reels even more exciting and fun.

As content marketing surpasses advertising, Reels comes as a blessing to those who run small-scale businesses and want to promote their brands. Users can now talk about their brand story and promote their new products easily in an interactive way. Because of Instagram’s existing reach and popularity, there will be a better scope with Reels. Since many influencers are active on Instagram, it would be even more ideal to make videos on Reels than any other platform.

Because of Instagram’s existing reach, brands will likely see high engagement rates with Reels. This isn’t the first time that an Instagram feature has mirrored another platform’s functionality, making it even more popular than ever.

Social media has become a platform for expressing one’s views and for corporate social responsibility, and with Reels you can just do that. Brands can record snippets of information on Reels by expressing one’s views or talking about things they care about, thereby connecting with the consumers and a larger audience.

Tips to create Instagram Reels

  • If you want to create Reels, go to your feed and swipe as you would do for your story; there you will find the Reels tab. There are a number of editing tools to make your Reels more entertaining and fun. Now record your Reels and edit them with the innumerable filters and effects provided by Instagram.
  • Other features like audio, timer tools, effects, and speed can enhance your videos. Tap on Audio to use music for your video. You can choose from the available Instagram music or search for a specific genre or artist.
  • The Speed tool allows you to change the speed of the video; you can even make it into a hyper-lapse video with effects and filters.
  • Once you have your fun video ready, you can use effects from the Effects gallery or stickers from Instagram. You can use almost all of the Instagram post/story features.
  • Once your Reel is created, you can choose to share it with your followers or everyone on Instagram. Reels can be shared only with followers or with everyone on the Explore tab for a larger audience.

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