July 18, 2018

The Scatter content marketing workshop

a picture taken during the scatter content marketing workshop

At Scatter, we’ve been conducting our content marketing workshop for the past three years. Several dozen B2C and B2B marketing teams from the country’s largest brands have participated in and benefited from these successful workshops.

Let’s take a closer look at what our customers get out of them.

  • What does the Scatter content marketing workshop help a brand achieve?

These workshops take the conversation beyond planning individual campaigns and/or product launches; in just a few short hours the Scatter content marketing workshop helps map a brand’s long-term marketing and business goals, and the tangible role content can play in achieving these.

  • How does the Scatter content marketing workshop help your brand?

At a very broad level, the content marketing workshop aligns the marketing team and the Scatter team with broad objectives to be met. The information gleaned from the content marketing workshop also acts as a solid foundation for the Scatter team to work on a comprehensive content marketing strategy that is presented to the customer within three weeks of conducting the workshop.

  • For whom does the Scatter content marketing workshop work best?

The content marketing workshop is specially created for marketing teams who want to achieve content marketing success. We have different versions of the workshop that help marketers at various stages of their content marketing journey advance to the next step.

  • What is the ideal mix of teams and people for the Scatter content marketing workshop?

There is no fixed answer to this. But there is a minimum-maximum range. Depending on the size of the brand/organisation’s marketing team, we think you need a minimum of four people and a maximum of 28 people for the content marketing workshop. The typical mix we’d like to see will include the CMO, the brand team, the sales head or a regional sales head, the digital marketing team, the social media team, the analytics team, the SEO team, the creative and/or social agency, and the content team. Any other marketing sub-functional teams or persons from other functions the CMO suggests are also welcome.

Our experience of interacting with different teams has always been positive because it helps us – and often the teams themselves – discover how similarly they view their brand and customers.

  • Are attendees meant to actively participate in the Scatter content marketing workshop?

This is an interactive workshop. There are group exercises at specific points during the content marketing workshop, called ‘checkpoints.’ These checkpoints are breakout periods that call for individual or team-based thinking and a lot of interactivity. Based on the version of the workshop designed specifically for your brand, there could be 3-9 checkpoints.

  • What are the broad sections of the Scatter’s workshop?

Depending on the pre-workshop conversations the Scatter team has with the client, a module is decided. Modules include ambition mapping, customer persona identification and charting journeys, audits and environment scans, appreciation of content formats, and competition analyses. The Scatter content marketing workshop also highlights best practices and a host of case studies to ‘show-and-tell’ the real impact of content marketing.

  • How long does the Scatter’s workshop run?

The workshop lasts from anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. It depends on the module we go with and the number of checkpoints that need to be covered. But you’d never realize how the time went by.

  • What are the commercials/costs for the Scatter’s workshop?

Now, now! That’s asking too much from a blog post, isn’t it? We’d love to tell you the costs and much more too. For more information, email [email protected] and he will make sure to connect you with the right person from the Scatter Customer Success team.