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Mar 2021

Branded content FAQs every writer must have answers to

branded content
Branded content drives 86% brand recall as compared to pre-roll ads (65%). It has also proven to be 22 times more engaging than display or banner ads. But what really is branded content? Simply put, branded content is content created by a brand to share its brand messaging while also providing information, entertainment, or both to their audiences. Now that may sound like almost.....
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Content Marketing Ideas for your October calendar

October Content Marketing
Autumn leaves and cool breeze, the month of October ushers in a brand-new season; one that lights up the country in vibrant colors and bright lights. And despite the ongoing pandemic, it’s time to make peace with the present and put on a smile, in the renewed hope of better things to come. Read on to.....
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Aug 2020

Podcasts: The future of content marketing

Podcasts - Future of Content Marketing
In a rapidly advancing world, people spend most of their time traveling. In India, there are those who daily spend more than two hours commuting from their homes to the office. They just sit in the metro, cabs, local trains, or their cars for these two hours every weekday. During this time, they prefer listening.....
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