August 27, 2020

Content and Commerce: Way Forward in Digital Marketing

Content and Commerce : Way Forward for Digital Marketing

In 1996, Bill Gates, in his essay “Content is King”, forecasted the then new-born internet’s power to fuel content and promise better outreach. Companies who innovate new ways of entertaining, informing customers with content will thrive on the internet. Today it rings truer than ever, and it’s not an overstatement to say content has transcended all the expectations.

Content today is directly related to generating traffic, converting customers, building loyalty and ultimately your brand. Digital has breathed new life into content, enabling marketers to target their audience with relevant and engaging content.

Thanks to the proliferation of digital devices, marketers can now interact with their audience on every digital touchpoint. For example, Future Group’s Fashion At Big Bazaar (FBB) foresees immersive experiences as a means to offer touch-and-feel kind of experiences through experiential content., a banking and lending firm invests years of SEO practice in building a better context of their understanding of customer sentiments. They create content on various social platforms atop these findings to tap the customer interest. For a health-conscious beverage brand like Teabox, it’s essential to inform the public about its product’s health values and benefits. So they create, host multiple forms of informative content on various places – from labels, stickers to each of its social media platforms.

Amazingly, these unique advantages of digital content have offered today’s businesses the power to keep going amidst the COVID-19 scenario. On the one hand, the content has helped deliver ‘what’ customers exactly want. On the other, digital has shown ‘how’ and ‘where’ they want it. Brands have meticulously weighed, devised each strategy to focus on what customers need right now, instead of a wholesome approach to influence their buying behaviour.

So digital marketing is dictated no more by an ‘either/or’ situation. It has become the lifeblood of every company’s journey to success today.

These are some of the highlights from the panel discussion: Content and Commerce: Way forward in Digital Marketing from the 16th Marketing Conclave 2020 presented by IAMAI.

Garima Sharma, our chief content and product officer, was the moderator and responsible for driving the discussion with such insightful and productive topics.

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