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Mar 2021

Leveraging Marketing Automation to Boost Conversion Rates

Imagine you’re a college student who runs a small business dealing in handmade soaps. Initially, you might get 10-12 orders a week. To add a personal touch, you include a handwritten thank-you note with the soaps you send out to customers. They love it.  The business grows and orders go up to 100 soaps a week. Due to the increased.....
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Aug 2020

Content and Commerce: Way Forward in Digital Marketing

Content and Commerce : Way Forward for Digital Marketing
In 1996, Bill Gates, in his essay “Content is King”, forecasted the then new-born internet’s power to fuel content and promise better outreach. Companies who innovate new ways of entertaining, informing customers with content will thrive on the internet. Today it rings truer than ever, and it’s not an overstatement to say content has transcended.....
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Apr 2020

How to benchmark your content against the competition

content marketing
Competitive benchmarking is a process by which you evaluate your brand against that of the competitors in your space, by using a set of metrics. This is the first step of comparative analysis. However, to increase your company’s market share in the industry, you would need to look beyond these surface-level metrics. So, you should.....
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