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Apr 2020

How to benchmark your content against the competition

content marketing
Competitive benchmarking is a process by which you evaluate your brand against that of the competitors in your space, by using a set of metrics. This is the first step of comparative analysis. However, to increase your company’s market share in the industry, you would need to look beyond these surface-level metrics. So, you should.....
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Mar 2018

What makes great content? A guide for online marketers

Healthy woman celebrating before a beautiful sunset - Scatter Content Marketing - Publishing Good Quality Content
Content marketing has become a major buzzword in internet business circles over the past few years. Some consider it to be a radically new technique, while others claim that it’s just an interesting spin on the traditional marketing approach. Either way, the success or failure of a content marketing initiative is always dictated by the.....
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Feb 2018

Essential blogging tools every blogger must know about!

Blogging Content Marketing Scatter
Blogging and it’s tools have been evolving for quite some time now and has become an essential part of content marketing. But keeping up with all the new trends and technologies used to make a stunning blog post can be taxing. Familiarising yourself with few free tools can make blogging easier and better at the.....
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