August 26, 2019

Brands that have used GIFs successfully to drive engagement

GIFs - How they drive engagement for your business

Since time immemorial, email marketers have been invariably executing the best strategies to pique the interest of subscribers towards their brand. Along the way, they discovered that instead of relying on a single static image, they could create a spark with the help of a GIF.

If an image is equivalent to a thousand words, a GIF is equal to a million words. The marketing fraternity also took keen notice of email’s poor video support – thereby leading to the popularity of the GIF and making it a trusted way to instill life into an otherwise boring image.

An animated GIF can be an entire package. It adds life to images, draws the attention of users, and makes your email stand out. A recent study by Marketing Sherpa showed that a campaign shows improved results and subscriber engagement when it uses animated GIFs in emails. Case in point? Technology giant Dell saw an increase in conversions of 109% when it began using GIFs in its emails to subscribers.

If you’re still asking ‘why GIFs’, the following examples should provide some great reasons for you to jump on the bandwagon.

1. Kate Spade

The introduction to the ‘Joanie’ handbag collection from Kate Spade was by means of this fun GIF. It showcased the go-to handbag in a variety of bright colors. What’s more, the colorful font changed shades according to the model. Another super fun GIF, which you’ll agree seems almost a game once you see the copy, works well for a multitude of reasons. It shows multiple products in a limited space and the copy suggests it’s a limited period offer.

2. Bed Bath & Beyond 

If you’re looking for inspiration, turn to Bed Bath & Beyond. They promoted their Ziploc Space Bag in a unique way by using a GIF to display the product in operation. As stated earlier, if an image is worth a thousand words, a moving image is worth a lot more! Thanks to the GIF, the brand could instantly and effectively demonstrate the operation of its Ziploc Space Bag in a jiffy. Take a look. The GIF swimmingly presents how the product rolls up and out.

3. Netflix

Netflix is an excellent example of a brand taking an extra step. They use GIFs effectively in their emails and consistently do a good job. Their GIFs are so stunning that you can’t seem to look away. Instead of lengthy videos on email, which can be risky and complex, GIFs are an easier and safer bet. They spark an idea and send you to the actual video on an external page or app. Quality GIFs often look as good as real videos. And most Netflix users have access to a good quality internet connection. Intrigued? Wait not, feast your eyes!

4. Steve Madden

Steve Madden twisted things up a little. Instead of turning models or photos into GIFs, their GIF used text to grab user attention. The subtle GIF in the email highlights two primary benefits – free shipping and free in-store returns. It’s an excellent tactic to attract the attention of subscribers to copy that they would have typically passed over.

Last words

Universally, great email boils down to one element: engagement. Your brand’s email marketing has a goal to establish and grow a relationship with users, customers, or prospects. So holding their attention is key. As you just saw, GIFs can draw and focus attention on your brand, product, or service in an incredibly powerful way!