November 20, 2019

Great content marketing examples for audience engagement – Vol. II

Great content marketing examples for audience engagement

Creating efficient content and marketing it well are two sides of the same coin. Only a handful of brands around the world have been successful in efficiently combining the two. Though most marketers find it difficult to create engaging content consistently, a few businesses are not only busting age-old content marketing myths but also winning new customers with ease.

Here are 5 brands that have been successfully engaging with customers and reaping profits with the help of content.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott’s content strategy focuses on effective storytelling and customer engagement. The brand’s M Live social media command center, for example, tracks posts geotagged by hotel guests in real-time and rewards them in return. As Scott Weisenthal, VP Content Marketing, puts it: “Let’s say you’re staying at a Ritz Carlton somewhere in the world, and you post a picture to Instagram that you just got engaged. A second later, it pops up in our M Live command center… we then call the hotel, and the hotel will send you up a bottle of champagne.” The brand’s ‘StoryBooked’ and ‘Snapisodes’ series are other examples of content marketing done right.

Red Bull

Red Bull’s success is testimony to the fact that content need not be focused on your brand or industry alone. In fact, creating content that interests customers is what businesses must focus on today. Red Bull TV, for example, is a website that provides videos and live-streaming of events from across the world, which its customers actively seek. The brand also actively engages with customers on social media by creating content that primarily appeals to them.


Content is at the very core of Coca-Cola’s operations. The brand’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign targeted customer personalization as a key to success. Customers can not only find a bottle with their name on it but also grab one for a friend with his or her name on it. This proved to be an excellent engagement exercise, with customers sharing photos of their personalized bottles across the Internet. Coca-Cola’s new content strategy called ‘Content 2020’ also shows how brands can reposition themselves in the market with the help of effective content marketing.

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Relationship building is part of IBM’s marketing mission. As stated by Andrea Ames, Enterprise Content Strategist for the company: “You don’t get to advocacy unless customers feel like they have a relationship with you, your company. You’re not going to have someone write a blog post saying ‘That was the best cookbook I ever read’ or ‘IBM software is the bomb’. You’re not going to get that level of advocacy unless you have a relationship.” Of late, the brand has also been tying up with influencers and bloggers to leverage customer engagement through creative videos and clips.

General Electric

General Electric provides one of the best content marketing examples for B2B brands today. It recently rolled out the #GEInstaWalk campaign, wherein it invited six Instagram influencers and some fans to tour its manufacturing facilities and share their experiences. By leveraging the power of influencers and effectively engaging customers, GE generated 200,000 social engagements, gained 3.5 million viewers and acquired more than 3000 new Instagram followers without shelling out a single penny for paid ads.

Parting Words

So here’s the takeaway. If your content strategy isn’t reaping results, customer engagement is the key to the game. Take cues from the brands above and reinvent your content marketing journey today!


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