September 5, 2017

Why did we launch Scatter Recommends?

Scatter Recommends Independence Day

What is the cost of an idea?

A pen, a paper, a moment. Who can put a price to a brainwave?

The biggest ideas appear in seconds, and the smallest can have consequences that last a lifetime.

For as long as humans have been around, ideas have changed the world.

The idea of democracy was born in Athens thousands of years ago and today affects the lives of more than 3 billion people.

The idea of farming made permanent dwellings possible for previously nomadic tribes.

And then, of course, there was the idea of gravity and smartphones that forever changed how we look at an Apple.

At scatter, we believe in the power of a single idea.

Today anyone with an internet connection can be a creator, which has led to millions of ideas taking shape every minute. Whether they are in form of tweets, Fb posts, YouTube videos or research articles, ideas are conquering the world.

People, nowadays, are programmed to turn to their smartphones the moment they have two seconds to spare. In any given minute, there are 1400 new blog posts published, 2,460,000 Facebook posts shared and 204,000,000 emails sent out. As a result, people are swiping faster than we can imagine and rejecting most of what is being fed to them.

This poses a big question for the brands. How do they bridge the gap between what their brand wants to say, and what the consumer wants to read? How can the brand guarantee the proverbial right swipe? What does it take to grab the users’ attention?

The Dunk in the Dark campaign in 2013 showed us one way. Find a way to connect your brand to something that’s important to your consumer (a blackout at the Super Bowl), even if it’s seemingly irrelevant to your brand (Oreo). Ironically, the most memorable moment from USA’s biggest marketing occasion, amidst countless advertisements that cost millions to create, was a single tweet that cost almost nothing.

So, how can your brand create a connect between a copywriter’s epiphany and a consumer’s state of mind?

How can your brand be a part of its consumers’ conversations as they happen, rather than weeks, days, or even hours later?

Redefining Innovation

Every marketer aspires for constant innovation. But with 4 billion pieces of content being created every day, the need of the hour is Instant Innovation. What is the value of an idea, if its 1500 tweets too late?

We wanted to create something that helps brands talk to people in real time about things that are affecting them in that moment.

Scatter Recommends is a Talking Tool that gives your brand a way to include itself in trending conversations, as they happen.

Our automated tool identifies the hottest discussions taking place each day, and offers content ideas that will resonate with your target audience.

Too often, brands only see big events like festivals and topical days as prime content marketing opportunities. What they fail to realise is that daily trending conversations have immense potential for creating interesting content that people can relate to in real time. This also means more viable SEO opportunity for brands, which eventually improves their website ranking.

Unlike planned content that stays in the pipeline for months and has mammoth budgets, Scatter Recommends makes your content topical, relevant, and current – a feat only newsrooms have achieved thus far.

A major sports victory.

A scientific breakthrough.

A natural disaster.

A celebrity feud.

A disruptive product launch.

If there’s something to say, Scatter Recommends tells you when and how to say it.

Unfortunately, content doesn’t age like wine in a barrel; it ages like bread left on the countertop. So, why pay as much for a sandwich as you do for a Chardonnay? Why settle for anything less than content that’s hot out of the oven and worth every penny?

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