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Aug 2020

Image vs illustration: When to choose one over the other

Image vs Illustration
There is no doubt that a visual element adds volumes to a piece of work – whether it’s an ad, marketing collateral, an article, or a research paper. But using the wrong visual format can take away the impact of the content. So, the question is: what visual format should you use, and when? Let’s compare.....
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Jul 2020

What bad copywriting looks like

Copy Mistakes made by brands in India that can jeopardize their content marketing
Bad copywriting is to a brand what typing ‘lyk dis’ is to a person’s social credibility. Back in 2010, when social media was a new thing, ‘chat language’ may have seemed cool. But now, in 2020, if you were to receive such a text, you’d instinctively cringe, and probably ignore the person. Similarly, the way.....
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Jul 2020

Why it makes sense to take your content to Tier II and Tier III cities in India

Why it makes sense to take your content to Tier II Tier III cities
Over the past few months, people have been turning to social media and content platforms for their regular dose of entertainment as they took to staying home. Today, there are more subscribers on video streaming services than on traditional cable connections. Content, merged with social media, has been the connecting factor during this period of.....
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