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Jul 2020

9 Content Marketing Friendly Global and Indian Brand Taglines

Indian Brand Taglines
Have you ever played the word association game? Where someone tells you a word and you have to immediately reply with another word that comes to mind? If you think of brands in a similar context, what immediately follows the brand name is likely to be the brand tagline or jingle. Want to give it.....
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Jul 2020

Recent examples of context in marketing communication in India

0034_Scatter_Rajan_Blog_5_Brands_5-ways_5_pieces_The_art_of_contextual content
The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to figure out creative ways to stay entertained and connected while staying apart. It has increased the time spent online exponentially. There is a continuous upload of content across digital channels on a daily basis, as an increasing number of brands attempt to engage with their customers. This has.....
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Jun 2020

Minutes of the Meeting For Content Marketing

Minutes of the Meeting - Cover
Updated 26th June 2020 It was one hell of a meeting. The agenda included presenting the monthly content marketing calendar, approving text content, video scripts, and infographics, discussing a new product launch, analyzing the content published, and discussing a tactical content opportunity. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what potentially gets discussed.....
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