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Mar 2020

How emotions can help your content go viral

Emotions Viral Content
Emotions drive conversations. No two ways about it. If the content in your conversation conveys humor, thrill, or any other sensation that can trigger emotions in an individual, it is likely to be shared widely. And shareability is the first step towards making any content go viral. Though there’s no one way of producing viral.....
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Dec 2019

Best of video marketing campaigns by brands in 2019

Video Marketing Examples
Designing a successful marketing campaign isn’t easy. Even if things are done to perfection, there’s no guarantee that it will be a hit. Essentially, what one must do is include as many ingredients as possible that experts recommend and wait for the campaign to work its magic. The importance of video marketing is increasing every.....
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Sep 2018

Viral marketing 101: A guide to creating viral content

a couple of hands holding a speech cloud that mentions "VIRAL"
In her 2011 article for Adweek, Megan O’Neill began with a very pertinent observation: ‘Viral video’ is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot but nobody is really sure what it means. It has been seven years since then, but somehow it seems like brands in India are still grappling with the concept of viral.....
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