April 15, 2020

Webinar Highlights: Content Marketing For the New Normal

Content Marketing Webinar

Marketers have always created markets where none existed, but how do you continue doing this in the unique times we live in? Will we ever get back to normal again? Do we still chase buyer personas? Do we pursue SEO-centric content marketing strategy to amplify brand visibility?  

And the one question haunting every content marketer in the times of Coronavirus – ‘What sort of content do we create?’ With the tone-deaf ads and copies some brands have put out in recent days, this is a very relevant question.  

In the webinar on ‘Content Marketing in the New Normal’ renowned content marketer Robert Rose from The Content Advisory provided some insights and strategies on issues that are top of mind for marketing teams.  

Critical Reflection

The next few weeks or months will be all about defining the New, what new should we do in marketing or content or business. Each one of these moments in our shared history is unique, says Rose. He urges content marketers and companies to pause and have a moment of Critical Reflection to answer  WHAT – SO WHAT – NOW WHAT. These will help understand how you operate and figure out new operating models 

Robert Rose speaks on Critical Reflection in Content Marketing

Citing the example of Anheuser-Busch CMO Marcel Marcondes on staying relevant he said the company is avoiding COVID-19 content for advertising and more. Instead it is focusing on creating ‘useful’ content that helps customers. US Presidential candidate Joe Biden, for instance, launched a newsletter and podcast to offer his followers thought leadership and valuable news about steering through this crisis.  

Hence, the need of the hour: create Customer-centric Content that is trustworthy, valuable, and actionable 

Connecting Communication and Content

According to Rose, your communication and content focus should pivot around: 

Establish Trust + Optimise Channels + Operational Model 

Focus areas of content marketing in a crisis situation as per Robert Rose

In the current scenario, the content marketing strategy should be all about creating trusted content that delivers value; creating agile operations that can deliver value in ANY situation and being able to measure and scale that operations as per business needs.  

The 4 pillars of Trustworthiness: Integrity +Empathy + Competence + Reliability. 

Robert Rose speaks on 4 pillars of trustworthiness in Content Marketing

Content marketing teams should constantly assess their content around this Holy Grail 

Of course, content will still face challenges including oft-heard complaints, ‘our editorial calendar is just a to-do list,’ ‘sales doesn’t use the content we create,’ or ‘we aren’t allowed to capture subscriber data.’ This flawed strategy shows that there is no strategy in place.  

Hence, the operating model is at the CORE of a solid, content management strategy. Use content marketing to draw multiple lines of values like what Monster.com did with Career Advice CenterTo sum it up in the words of Rose, “Always be mindful of the audience, and the value your content provides.  

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