February 15, 2018

How to measure content marketing ROI [#Infographic]

A woman showing infographics in a tablet screen - Content Marketing Strategy ROI - Scatter

It’s true what the stalwarts say- the goal is not to be good at content marketing, but to be good at business because of content marketing. But how would your product get sold if your content wasn’t getting pageviews or shares? To help you better track content marketing spends and success, check out the infographic below.


Content marketing ROI - Scatter


Metrics to measure ROI of your branded content:

Brand Awareness

  • Paid vs Organic Search Traffic
  • Organic Search Share of Voice
  • Unbranded Organic Search Traffic

Brand Health

  • Time on site
  • Social Likes
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Subscriptions
  • Social Shares / Followers
  • Bounce Rate
  • Share of Voice / Offsite SEO


  • Cost Per Lead
  • Total Conversions
  • % of Leads Sourced


  • Value of Customer Life Cycle
  • Customer Growth