June 26, 2020

Minutes of the Meeting For Content Marketing

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Updated 26th June 2020

It was one hell of a meeting. The agenda included presenting the monthly content marketing calendar, approving text content, video scripts, and infographics, discussing a new product launch, analyzing the content published, and discussing a tactical content opportunity.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what potentially gets discussed in a content marketing meeting. Unlike many other kinds of meetings, a content marketing meeting needs to capture concepts, action plans, iterations, measurement, and new planned benchmarks.

Next, the customer success person on the team had to document the essential points discussed and send out the minutes of the meeting. To her credit, she followed these eight steps to put out the perfect minutes of the meeting:

1. Identify the main areas

The minutes of the meeting should serve as a comprehensive record of the proceedings. It should comprise details such as the agenda discussed and timelines agreed upon; and must also be forward-looking to set the potential discussion points for the next scheduled meeting.

2. Don’t procrastinate

A delayed minutes of the meeting renders the entire process futile. Ideally prepare it within 24 hours. The sooner you draft it, the lower your chances of forgetting a crucial point. Some points need immediate action in content marketing meetings, and a delay from your end can delay content publishing.

3. Keep it crisp and accurate

Your minutes of the meeting should be different from the notes you take during the meeting. As a content marketing expert, you need to highlight actionable items and decisions made, and update work-in-progress statuses. An uncurated recording will bore everyone, and essential action points could get lost in the clutter.

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4. Attribute action points to people

There are several specialists involved in a content marketing meeting – at the client’s end as well as that of the content marketing company. Each of them has specific responsibilities and specialties. As you write down the minutes of the meeting, you must make sure that you attribute tasks and approvals to these particular persons to ensure a successful outcome.

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5. When in doubt, ask

Speaking up during a meeting can be intimidating, but if you’re the one preparing the minutes, it is best to summon the courage and ask. There are times when one misses out points during a discussion. So ask timely questions and clear your doubts instead of making erroneous statements later.

6. Make it easier for absentees

Often, you may have noticed that not everyone is present for the meeting. They may have attended the last few meetings and are perhaps on holiday on the day of the present Your minutes of the meeting should allow them to plug into the proceedings without necessarily being present. Keep the points simple, clear, actionable, and accurate.

7. Consider using recording software

The first thing to note is to ask permission before you record. We don’t suggest you record every meeting, but there may be some meetings or certain segments that you may want to save. Recording can help to ensure that nothing is lost in translation; it can capture the nuances. It is also useful for those who could not make it to the meeting but have tasks to action.

8. Don’t overlook the basics

Make sure you don’t forget standard essentials, such as noting the names of attendees, proofreading the minutes of the meeting, and highlighting its purpose. It’s a good idea to create and follow a template as it helps to create a format that the team can easily recognize.

The bottom line

Content marketers play a significant role, and the very nature of content marketing is collaborative. Preparing a comprehensive minutes of the meeting ensures a sound recording of the proceedings for all stakeholders. It also lists actionable tasks for the team to undertake.

Say no to hastily scribbled and disorganized notes – they will only confuse you more than they assist you and the marketer. Instead, well-crafted minutes of the meeting can significantly help everyone organize all the inputs into creating successful content marketing.