February 15, 2018

What a content marketing team should look like

An image showing the content marketing team - Content Marketing Team Scatter

A successful content marketing program requires a dedicated team of experts. Here’s who you need:

2. Managing Editor Content Marketing Scatter

Managing Editor : 

One of the most critical positions in the content marketing team. An experienced storyteller who can strategise, write, and oversee content projects to ensure brand and tone consistency, publishing cadence and therefore drive business goals through content.


3. Community Manager Content Marketing Scatter

Community Manager:

A social maverick who can distribute content​ across social channels, engage online communities, and hence contribute to content projects.​


Content Marketing Analyst Scatter

Analyst :

An inquisitive person who is good at numbers, can define best/ worst content performers, and also map conversion optimisations and measurement communications.

Content Marketing Designer Scatter

Design :

A combination of left brain and right brain along with an artistic heart, a designer is a visual storyteller who can bring even the most mundane content to life through stunning visuals.​


Content Marketing Curator Scatter

Curator :

A researcher in disguise, a curator is an expert who finds and re-purposes the best content from your existing repository of content and also from across the web.


Content Marketing Contributors Scatter

Contributors :

Content creators, photographers, designers, subject matter experts- who contribute to your project and make your content marketing initiatives a success.

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SEO Specialists Content Marketing Scatter

SEO/Paid Specialists :

Finally, these are experts who manage the discoverability and distribution of content.​

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”–Ken Blanchard.

So, bring exceptionally talented go-getters onboard to achieve your business goals by way of content marketing.