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14 Content marketing ideas for April 2017

April might start with a joke but the month is not to be taken lightly. With tons of diverse content pegs to build on – something for every brand – April brings with itself a ton of content marketing opportunities for brands to set the right mood as the financial year kicks off. From fun.....
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Oct 2016

How to understand your core audiences

‘Listen to what the other person is saying and it will help you communicate better’ is perhaps something that we are encouraged to do in our everyday life. This same piece of useful advice can be put to use in content marketing as well. It is imperative that you know your audiences well so you.....
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Aug 2016

The Jeff Bullas Interview – Part II

jeff bullas
This is the second and concluding part of the Jeff Bullas interview. If you have not yet read the first part, please do so here. Scatter: Alright. You spoke a little bit about you know the technology, the humanizing bit. Where do you see automation or technology in content generation? You’ve got trends like cognitive......
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