January 22, 2018

Planning to write a novel? Read this first

write a novel - a person holding the book "the CATCHER in the RYE"

Getting started is undoubtedly one of the hardest parts of successfully writing a novel. Are you at the stage where you know exactly what you want to write, but find it impossible to translate those thoughts into words?

Don’t panic! You’re on the right track.

All you need is a plan and the perseverance to keep going.

Here are some tips to help you as you embark on your journey as a storyteller.


Read, write, then read some more

The real importance of reading is that it creates an ease & intimacy with the process of writing. It also offers you a constantly growing knowledge of what has been done and what hasn't. -Stephen King Click To Tweet

Writing fiction requires a thorough comprehension of what makes for a good story. The best way to understand the key ingredients of a captivating story is by reading tonnes of them. This will help you gain a clear idea of what the reader expects from a novel and also the much-needed motivation to get started with your work.


Little by little, day by day

You might be eager to jump into writing a novel, but it’s not the most practical idea. It’s less productive to start with an epic door stopper that will take five times as long to edit as it did to write. Dip your toes into other waters first. Write short stories and novellas to begin with. This will provide you with a good learning experience before you take on the big challenge.


Go all the way

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of finishing the stories you start, which is another reason why starting with short stories is beneficial. Never quit midway or lose interest in your story. Remember that each of stories deserves a terrific ending.


Start over

Only the fortunate few hit the jackpot with their first novel. So, don’t be disheartened if you don’t make it big with your first work. Consider every attempt a new lesson learnt, begin again and write with a fresh perspective.


Don’t give up!

The only definite way to fail is to stop trying. Success comes from the midst of countless mistakes. Write stories that you want to read, and keep writing even if the last one didn’t work. The more you read and write, the more progress you make towards your ultimate goal of writing a splendid novel.


Writing a story, creating a world, populating it with characters, and sharing that creation, is an amazing accomplishment. And there are no shortcuts to it. Stay focused, write more, and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you can achieve.


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