March 9, 2018

Creating successful branded content for your business

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Why branded content?

In today’s scenario, every marketer aims to create consumer-centric content. While traditional marketing approaches generally glorified a particular brand, product, or service, new-age strategies focus on making consumers’ lives easier. And this is exactly what branded content helps you achieve.

Branded content is a marketing practice that helps brands grab attention and drive engagement through relevant content that doesn’t outright promote the brand behind it.

Why branded content?

Did you know that branded content helps achieve 59% higher brand recall value than display ads?

Branded content is the key to connecting with your audience on matters that affect them. It empowers you to have a significant impact on their lives by publishing useful, informative, or entertaining content. This, in turn, increases your brand awareness and affinity among these potential customers.

How does it work?

One of the most effective ways to push out branded content is through popular publishers and websites that already have an established audience base. Creating and publishing content via these sources will help drive significant business growth as you leverage their popularity, authority, and credibility in the industry.

Some of the largest international publications in this context include The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. Some of the most celebrated Indian ones are Firstpost, Scroll, The Quint and The Times of India.

What to keep in mind when creating branded content

Publications appreciate branded content, but only when it provides value to their audience. So, while creating content you must ensure that you keep the reader’s perspective in mind, and make the piece as engaging and informative as possible.

When creating valuable content, relevance is a key point. Try to understand why someone would want to click on and read your article. Be creative with headlines and introductions, while including the essential information. You can add data to emphasize and validate your argument. But do ensure that the facts mentioned are accurate and the sources cited.

Making a story newsworthy adds to the value of your content. When more readers find it to be worth their time, your publishers will appreciate you and your company.

Branded content isn’t just a short-term marketing investment, but a foundation of trust between a brand and its consumers. Creating and putting out quality content will definitely get your brand more attention, recognition, and followers, thereby helping you achieve your content marketing goals.

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