June 17, 2020

ABC’s of a good content marketing strategy

ABCs Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy provides your business teams a structure to achieve business goals. Not only is it essential that you have a content marketing strategy, but you should also document the content generation process. A documented content marketing strategy will keep you from that floundering feeling while at marketing. It will also lessen the challenges that come with the different aspects of content marketing. Besides, you will be better able to justify spending more of your marketing budget on content marketing.

No single template for content marketing strategy will suit every kind of business. Each approach is unique to a particular organization; however, the following elements are common to most:

Getting Others to Buy-In

It all starts within the organization. You will need to align various teams on the business goals you are chasing by deploying content marketing. Getting the management to buy-in will help you get the necessary resources and understand the endeavor better. Selling this to other teams will help them see the goal and contribute in their way to make content marketing a success. Further, the management and other teams are likely to be more forgiving of occasional mistakes as you learn what works best for the business.

Identify Audience Personas

One of the best ways to understand your target audience is through the creation of personas. Your content marketing strategy begins with understanding the various audience personas and micro-communities that dot the digital landscape. Audience personas can give you insight into behaviors, needs, and concerns. By personalizing content marketing for your multitude of customers, you are better able to create content tailored specifically for them. That insight is essential for you to develop razor-sharp content that will engage them, besides being truly useful for them.

Working The Brand Message

In this step, you will define your content marketing in terms what you want to say and how you should say it? It would be best if you also highlighted the differences between your messages and those of the competition. You should note any expected changes in the landscape once you communicate your message to your audience. Keep in mind that consumers are more likely to gravitate towards a brand personality that resonates with their disposition.

Setting goals and KPIs - Content Marketing Strategy

Setting Objectives and KPIs for Your Content Marketing

KPIs provide benchmarks so that essential content marketing metrics can be segmented. This process allows for a narrower and deeper analytical focus. It would be best if you concentrated on specific parameters for a particular piece of content, whether those metrics be clicks, conversions, or comments. Your KPIs should zero in on those metrics, or you will not have a frame of reference.

Deciding Channels

Your content marketing strategy should include the channels you use to tell your story. Figure out objectives for each of the platforms you use as well as how to connect them to make your content marketing successful.

Sharing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Even departments that are not directly involved in content marketing should have access to your content marketing strategy. The strategy is especially important in large organizations. It helps keep otherwise separated teams working according to the same plan and reducing the potential for duplicating efforts. Sharing is also essential for businesses that have only recently begun work on a content strategy. Why? Because content marketing teams may need subject matter information from experts who may or may not belong to the company. Sharing your content marketing strategy is also vital if your company outsources its content creation.

Parting words

While your mission and business goals will remain consistent, your content marketing strategy must keep evolving. Keeping your objectives steady should be a priority, and you should never lose sight of them when reviewing or updating your content marketing plan.