13 Content pegs to build around February 2017

By now, your users have forgotten most of their new year’s resolutions, the buzz has died down, and routine life is picking pace. That being said, the shortest month of the year comes with a long list of content marketing ideas to prompt good interaction with your readers and strengthen your digital foothold. So let’s.....
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Jan 2017

Interviewing Guy Kawasaki – Choices of content marketing

Guy Kawasaki
Author, speaker, evangelist and marketer. Guy’s been there and done much more. Being a contemporary marketing specialist, we thought we’d ask Guy a rapid fire set of questions around social media marketing and content marketing. His answers are crisp, clear and at the same time carry much weight! And he calls crap just that –.....
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Jan 2017

How to Make an Effective Content Calendar

On a daily basis, a sea of content is released into the internet for popular consumption. How this content is consumed and shared depends on quality, relevance, reach and its ability to engage netizens (users). All these parameters assume all the more importance if you are looking to digitally market a particular product or service.....
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18 ideas to create branded content for the month of January

The first half of the month of the brand-new year, January – the time of international mourning for overindulgence from Christmas through New Years – is the month of bloated tummies, unrecognizable mirror reflections, empty wallets, and renewed hope (for a year intended to be an upgrade on the last). The second half of the.....
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Dec 2016

How to create a niche for your brand

With Scatter you can create a niche for your brand
You and your team have worked hard at creating a brand. From time to money to efforts, you have given all that you have for brand creation. People are loving you and competitors are keenly awaiting your next move. How, then, do you keep this momentum going? How do you increase your customer base? How.....
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Content marketing ideas for December 2016

Check out the PDF version of our content marketing calendar HERE or view it below: December 2016- Editorial Calendar from Scatter from Spiral Content Solutions Private Limited
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Nov 2016

Owning content strategy: How to engage with influencers

Engaging with Influencers
Why you must engage with influencers Ways to improve content strategy by engaging with key influencers frames an important part of any industry. The end objective of every content marketing initiative is to reach the right target audience, interact with them and get them to talk about your product and/or campaign. As a marketer, you.....
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