Content marketing ideas to drive engagement for June 2017

June Buzz
What was that about the GDP again? Okay. Okay. Let’s confess. Setting the GDP right is a tall claim. But we can certainly make sure your brand sales move northwards. How, you ask? Well, June is upon us. The new month also brings with it a new school year for some and continuing holidays for.....
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May 2017

Casual fans to passionate followers: Powerful brand publishing

With Scatter brands can convert a fan to a follower
It is very difficult to acquire a fan, even more difficult to convert that fan into a follower; but it is most difficult to keep a follower interested in your brand over a long period of time. Where most traditional marketing mediums have faltered, content marketing emerges triumphant. Using the right brand publishing tactics, it is.....
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Talking points for your content calendar for May 2017

content marketing ideas - an illustration of the may season
May is about parched throats and tan lines. May is about staying hydrated. May is about juices, buttermilk, cold coffee, and iced teas. May is when 20:20 cricket reaches its grand finale. May is about football action. May is about air conditioners and coolers. May is about higher electricity bills. May is about swimming and.....
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14 Content marketing ideas for April 2017

April might start with a joke but the month is not to be taken lightly. With tons of diverse content pegs to build on – something for every brand – April brings with itself a ton of content marketing opportunities for brands to set the right mood as the financial year kicks off. From fun.....
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15 Content marketing ideas for March 2017

While it’s the onset of Spring in the north of the country, the Indian summer is beginning to make its presence felt south of the Vindhayas. So, for most of Mumbai and the southern cities, March is like the Loch Ness Monster. We’d like to believe it’s there but the sudden transition from sleeping with a.....
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13 Content pegs to build around February 2017

By now, your users have forgotten most of their new year’s resolutions, the buzz has died down, and routine life is picking pace. That being said, the shortest month of the year comes with a long list of content marketing ideas to prompt good interaction with your readers and strengthen your digital foothold. So let’s.....
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Jan 2017

Interviewing Guy Kawasaki – Choices of content marketing

Guy Kawasaki
Author, speaker, evangelist and marketer. Guy’s been there and done much more. Being a contemporary marketing specialist, we thought we’d ask Guy a rapid fire set of questions around social media marketing and content marketing. His answers are crisp, clear and at the same time carry much weight! And he calls crap just that –.....
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